Women and spandex (a.k.a leggings)

Alright ladies let’s be honest about one thing… You CAN look like a big fat fatty in spandex, even if they are black.

Men have the skinny jeans and the women have moved from the skinny jeans to the bare all spandex. This new fashion trend can be seen on all the “A” list models.

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty as to why this fashion trend is so wrong for so many… We have all walked around and seen women wearing these leggings as pants, like a legitimate form of pants. Not only are these thin, non-warming, see through, show all, and sometimes quite frankly hideous girls think they are awesome!

I am sure that the men readers are asking “What on Earth is wrong with females wearing tight leggings?”

Men there are three reasons as to why this fashion statement can be oh so wrong…

1. I am sorry to say but these leggings are not, I repeat not miracle workers. They WILL NOT get rid of your cellulite. I mean I am not saying that cellulite is gross or anything along those lines. I am just saying that women have it and sometimes it can really not be flattering. Yes you may check yourself out in the mirror and say yes these look good. But what you do not realize is this mirror is not showing your every move. When you are out in public you are walking and jiggling more so than you do in the mirror and what you may not realize is how unattractive that truly is to others.

2. Camel Toe… We all know what this is. And ladies this is so far from flattering. No one wants to see the definitions of your va-jay-jay.

3. I have seen one too many pairs of these leggings that are slightly see through. I repeat see through. Men may love to see what lacy panties you are wearing underneath, if any. But come on now lets save that for the bedroom. I do not want to walk around and see your under garments nor do I want to see the skin of your rear end.

Ladies the color of the leggings can be a big issue as well. Unless you have twig legs and even then some colors just look atroshish regardless. Colors that you should avoid are: gold, bright colors like( blue, pink, green, and yellow), pastels like (purple, pink, orange, yellow, and blue), any color that is in a glossy legging. Stick to the greys, browns, and blacks.  Just keep this in mind when you are picking out a pair of leggings.

Here is an example of a bad texture of legging as well as the cellulite not being covered more so it being exploited.

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